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He looked behind beeg x him to site beeg.com beeg where Cody beeg indian was looking. A bed covered by three naked pre-teens, each nursing morning woods. As Jason's cock grew hard before his friends eye's, he realised that he had some explaining to do. ___________________________________________ Thanks you so much to everyone who replied to beeg ass my first story. The response was unreal. I hope that this story will prompt just as much interest. Happy jacking, Tag Fletcher. This is a story in three parts involving man-boy sex. It is offered with begg the usual warnings, apologies, etc. EDUCATING THE PROFESSOR by Jimbo PART ONE: They called me the professor because I was smart and willing to help others not so smart with school work. I wasn't handsome, rich or beegporn athletic like all the other kids in this private Catholic boys' school. I was just smarter than beeg hot most...and gayer. 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